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Information products make up one of the fastest-growing product sectors, and with good reason

— in this online and information age, people increasingly look to e-books, online courses, informational videos, and apps to solve their problems and make their lives easier.

And if you can make a person’s life easier, you’ve earned a loyal customer.

You may worry that starting your own online business is a waste of time

After all, more than 90% of online businesses FAIL within 120 days.

Those odds are not encouraging!


of new products also fail!

and of those who succeed, only a fraction give their creators an adequate income. Why should your luck be any different?

It's not about luck

I made four figures on the digital launch of my very first information product—my first money online. I can teach you to make money online because I have done it myself.

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Deciding to create this educational marketing platform was very simple, once I had locked my eyes on just what was driving me. I don’t want to retract from my message, by sharing the age-long tale of how I grew bored of the mundane ordinary methods of making a living and spending my life.

Instead I am going to speed forward to what I had started doing right before launching this online course. You see, before this, I had spent four years spending time, effort, and finances on trying to master the art of making money online.

It wasn’t until spending an uninspiring amount of money in this pursuit, that I finally realized I had the right idea but the wrong approach.

I kept avoiding making the larger commitments, fearing the risk of losing, and was opting for the “corner cutting” or the more conventional “safe” options, ironically losing more than what I had initially thought I would lose by committing to those “heavy hitter” plans/sites I was dodging. So, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet, and invested in my own online coaching/mentorship.

After investing the $2,500.00, I delved in and learned how to create information products. It taught me how to create an “information product”. While I was working on making sure I got the most out of the e-coaching and knowledge provided, I was a bit doubtful regarding just how much this would pay off in the long run. I’m proud to say it did, having earned my first $5,000.00 after six months of applying myself and applying the skillsets won from these coaching and mentorship programs.

It wasn’t some insane luck of the draw that helped me make that first $5K, but rather applying the simple skillsets gained, towards creating my first product (simple templates). With the creation of the said templates, I made that initial $5K. Granted, that is a humble stash, compared to Hollywood-based standards (*ahem* looking at You, Kardashian Clan!) but considering that most people fail to launch, let alone make any money at all, should speak for itself.

Knowing what I know and finding for myself that the source of success wasn’t solely designed for a selected few, I found myself wanting to share my knowledge. I want to pay this forward. I am willing and able to successfully help beginners in launching their own endeavors, one dreamt up product at a time.

Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson
Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson Creator, First Launch Profits

All you need is a proven blueprint

demonstrated in my online course, First Launch Profits.

which teaches beginners to navigate a market that’s hungry for YOUR product.

First Launch Profits is a comprehensive, step-by-step system for launching your first information product, potentially leading to financial success online.


My First Money Online

I, too, wanted to make money online. I spent four years, and a lot of money, trying to figure out how to do it. Finally, I found an expert in the field and took his six-month course. Then I created my first product and launched it on the internet. I made $5,000 on that first launch.

$5,000 is not much, but remember that most entrepreneurs make exactly zilch on their first digital launch. And $5,000 was only the beginning for me! Now I would like to share the secret of my success with you.

Work for Yourself

You may ask, “What about affiliate marketing? Wouldn’t that be easier than creating and marketing my own product?”


This is a common question. Affiliate marketing is trendy these days, and a lot of people see it as an easy way to make money online. While some people do make money this way, the most successful online entrepreneurs sell their own products. There are many reasons for this:

  • 1

    Affiliates are bound by the publishers’ rules

    You cannot set your own terms, and you have no control over the product or its price (and, therefore, your commission).

  • 2

    Finding quality products to promote is hard

    Hunting for lucrative publishers and products is a hassle.

  • 3

    Will you get paid?

    There is a chance the merchant may close down and not pay you, or pay you less than you expected.

  • 4

    There is fierce competition among affiliates (which is why the field attracts scammers)

    Don’t be a tiny fish in a sea of tiger sharks. Create a unique product of your own that solves a problem for your target market!

  • 5

    In most cases, an affiliate only earns a commission from a customer’s first purchase from the publisher

    With your own product, you can build trust and loyalty with your own customers, who will keep bouncing back to you if you learn how to serve them.

  • 6

    It takes time and lots of work to harvest a good income from affiliate marketing

    You will have to design your own websites, generate all the content on multiple platforms, and devise ways to attract traffic to your sites—all for someone else’s product! The customers you attract are not your own. And you do all that work for a paltry commission!

Why not put all that effort into marketing your own product, and keep all the profits yourself?

Make yourself rich, not your publisher.

Creating and marketing your own information product is an investment in your future!

Potentially bringing you financial freedom and the ability to travel and follow your dreams. Why not pay off your pesky student loans and mortgage, and set aside a nest egg for your retirement? Work from anywhere in the world!

But What If I Fail?

Many people lack the confidence to go into business for themselves, again, due to the dismal statistics above. And for good reason - if you do not follow a proven blueprint, your product will flop.

You will also fail if you learn entrepreneurship from someone who has not done what they are teaching.

In First Launch Profits, I will teach you what I did differently from those who failed.

I will share what I did that allowed me to make four figures on my first sale.

You will learn my proven path to success with my online course, receive my first product, and get my e-book, First Launch Profits: How I Crushed It with My First Digital Product Launch.

A value of $2,997—but because I want your success so badly, I will share my expertise for less.

Don’t get me wrong!

you will need to put in a good deal of work to make a livable income online. But if you go in without a map, you will waste time and money on methods that will not work and will only bring you disappointment, not dollars.

The knowledge shared in First Launch Profits will empower you to work smart and help you achieve success on your very first launch.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to actually make money online

    You will learn how to make money on the internet, find your prospects and market, buy a domain URL, get web traffic, overcome procrastination, and get affiliates on board (yes, YOU can be the boss!).

  • Product creation the "easy" way

    I will show you how to create a webpage, e-book, online course, sales page, affiliate page, and download page.

  • How to create a product without being an expert

    While you do need to be serious about making money online, you do not need to be an expert in business, IT, or marketing. You don’t even need to be a “technical person.”

  • What information products are

    First Launch Profits will teach you all about information products: what they are, why you should create one, and how to choose the right one for you. I will also share the first information product that I created.

  • Marketing & launch strategies

    You will learn about market research, branding, copywriting, outsourcing, website building software, sales funnels, email marketing, and launch promotion strategies.

  • The right places to sell your first product

    I will teach you to sell your product in the most popular marketplaces, and also how to position yourself so you don’t LOOK like a beginner.

Above all, you will learn why so many online businesses fail and what I did differently from them.

The money I made on my first product launch was only the beginning of my success online.

I don’t want you to fall into the same traps as those who failed!


But to reach your goal, you need to learn from and follow someone who has gone where you want to go.

This is the knowledge I learned and used to achieve success on my first try in online entrepreneurship. This information is worth at least $2,997, but I will share my success with you for much less than what I paid.

The course I took lasted six months. While the time and money were worth it, I want you to start making money sooner.

That’s why I’ve boiled down all this know-how to its core. I’ve simplified the process for you so that you can start on your own path to financial freedom online.

This class contains my proven blueprint to financial success on the internet, starting from the very first product launch

Remember, without a blueprint, you will join that 90+% of people who fail at their online businesses.


My Offer to You:

When you join First Launch Profits, you will gain access to

46 lessons, covering over 10 hours of video content.

  • Lesson 1

    Why you should make an information product? PART 1

  • Lesson 2

    Why you should make an information product? PART 2

  • Lesson 3

    Why you should make an information product? PART 3

  • Lesson 4

    Can you really make money on the internet?

  • Lesson 5

    But I’m not an expert

  • Lesson 6

    But I’m not a ‘technical person’

  • Lesson 7

    Overcoming procrastination

  • Lesson 8

    What is an information product?

  • Lesson 9

    Isn’t there free content online?

  • Lesson 10

    What is the right information product for you?

  • Lesson 11

    My first information product

  • Lesson 12

    Finding your niche

  • Lesson 13

    Market Research – JVZOO

  • Lesson 14

    Market Research – Clickbank

  • Lesson 15

    Market Research – Adwords

  • Lesson 16

    Decision making

  • Lesson 17


  • Lesson 18

    Find your prospects

  • Lesson 19

    How to create an ebook

  • Lesson 20

    How to create an online course

  • Lesson 21

    How to create various information products

  • Lesson 22


  • Lesson 23

    So now what?

  • Lesson 24


  • Lesson 25

    Sales page

  • Lesson 26

    Download page

  • Lesson 27

    Affiliate page

  • Lesson 28


  • Lesson 29


  • Lesson 30

    Page builders

  • Lesson 31

    Create a webpage

  • Lesson 32

    Domain & web hosting

  • Lesson 33


  • Lesson 34

    Joint venture

  • Lesson 35


  • Lesson 36


  • Lesson 37

    Launch promotion

  • Lesson 38

    Setting up a product on JVZOO – Part 1

  • Lesson 39

    Setting up a product on JVZOO – Part 2

  • Lesson 40

    Contacting affiliates – Part 1

  • Lesson 41

    Contacting affiliates – Part 2

  • Lesson 42

    Setting up a product on Clickbank

  • Lesson 43


  • Lesson 44

    E-mail marketing

  • Lesson 45


  • Lesson 46



I will also throw in my first information product, the one that brought me $5,000 on its first launch.

You will also get my e-book, First Launch Profits: How I Crushed It with My First Digital Product Launch.

You will also have the opportunity to ask me questions and get the answers that will help YOU succeed.

This knowledge can give you financial freedom.


What is your future worth to you?

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you go through my course and implement the strategies and you are not happy with it or your results, you can ask  for a refund.

There is a 60-day guarantee, provided by ClickBank. Within it, we want to remind our prospective customers that this is a sales page for First Launch Profits. We are dedicated to sticking by doing what’s right, practicing ethical business transactions, and clarifying that there are no promises, of any sort or nature, made within this page by either First Launch Profits or ClickBank. Please read and purchase using your own discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat kind of software do I need to take this course?

    I want this course to be accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, all you need is an internet connection.

  • q-iconHow soon can I start making money?

    This course will teach you how to make money on your first product launch. If you follow what I teach, you can potentially make money as soon as you create and launch your first product.

  • q-iconWhat do I need to know before starting the course?

    Nothing! This course is for beginners. The only requirement is that you be serious about making money online, and learning what works and what doesn’t.

  • q-iconWhat if I’m not satisfied with the course?

    The course comes with a 60-day ClickBank money-back guarantee.

The course, the book, and my information product are worth at least $2,997, close to what I paid for the life-changing guidance from my first-rate online mentor.

But because your success is so important to me, I am offering all this TODAY for only...


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That’s only about 2% of what I paid to learn from my successful guru. And, if you are committed to learning, it will take you a fraction of the time. That means you can start earning earlier than I did!

Your dreams are waiting.

Join First Launch Profits today and chart your course to financial freedom with your unique information product!

A hungry market is waiting for YOUR life-changing product!

Join First Launch Profits today and learn to find your customers.

Invest in your future and create your first information product!

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