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Ok, I get it, you are probably in the same place and situation I was 4 years ago. Struggling online trying to make your first dollar doing this "internet marketing thingy".

I'm pretty sure you want to learn how to make your first dollar online - am I right?

It seems like everybody is making a killing online, drinking sangrias on the beach except YOU are still commuting every day to a workplace you absolutely hate.

You are being bombarded with offers full of hype in your email inbox that promise huge results only to disappoint you once again...correct?

You have been scammed, ripped-off and you don't know who to trust. You can feel your frustration just growing by the day.

You are throwing your hard-earned cash on product after product and still have nothing to show for!

You stare at your computer screen day after day and wonder why you can't get things to work out.

Your friends and family wonder what's going on with you.

Do you perhaps have this distant cousin that you meet once a year at a dinner table - that makes funny remarks about your hard efforts?

Well what can I say - I've been there!


It's completely ok...it's NOT YOUR FAULT.

You see...

This secret is not just lying around. This is not taught in today's education system...

...because the system is designed so that you become an employee, a worker....basically a slave to the system.

That's Why You Have Been Kept In The Dark.

So How Could You Have Possible Have Known This Stuff Until Now?

Todays society doesn’t want you to know this stuff. It want’s you to NOT want more.

It wants you to commute to work. It wants you to be thankful for your job and you boss. For the lousy pay you get at the end of the month. For going home tired after you worked yourself to exhaustion.

If you do good - you get to do it all over again next month!

Then when you finally retire in your 60’s you realise that you have spent the best part of your life doing something you hated to do. That you wasted your best years when you were young and had energy to slave yourself out for somebody else’s dream.

Is that truly what you want for your life?

Why not start creating income like this daily? This was my first week after launching my FIRST information product.

This was only the beginning. I then went on to create all kinds of information products like audiobook....look at these results...

And stupid simple ebooks...

Let me ask you a question...

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the information that is online?

Do you feel like you don't know what first step to make in order to learn how to make money online?

Tracy Fryer

I found the training very comprehensive, even for a newbie. I have learned some awesome tricks on how to create your own information product. Also, if you are worried about not being “technically skilled” than this course has an easy solution for that. I’m going right way to create my first product!”

Tracy Fryer
Nick Lawrance

Recently took the First Launch Profits course by Hafsteinn Thordarson. It was a great in depth course great for any levels of marketers. If you have some spare time go through this course!

Nick Lawrance
Kundan Choudhary

A few months before I had been struggling to find a proven blueprint to build a business and income online. This product will get you real results. Sure, you could go online and perhaps you migh find some of this information – but you will never find the important bits and be able to connect all the dots. This amazing course does exactly that by providing you with easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will set you up for success.

Kundan Choudhary
Sunil Prasad

Nice & very helpful course for earning money.

Sunil Prasad Entreprenur
Kanjanaporn Paitoonsasithorn

I’m was already inspired after just watching the first video in the course.

Kanjanaporn Paitoonsasithorn

Ok, check this out...

Imagine finally being able to live in the PERFECT HOUSE you deserve

To enjoy the freedom of space, security and respect of your friends and visitors.

...or getting that powerful car you thought you could never afford

Imagine yourself driving into the amazing sunset, enjoying unending freedom while heads are turning and never having to worry about gas-milage!

...or to simply taking off for an absolutely incredible travel journey

Not having anyone to tell you when to come back. Because you decided to become the master of your own destiny.


Did you know that there are actually two types of people today trying to make their first dollar online?

  • Those who are SERIOUS about changing their life to the better...
  • And those who live in indecision, fear and in the world of "some day".

Let's make a small test to see which group You belong to:

If You DO NOT Want To...

  • earn major piles of cash while you sleep...
  • gain financial freedom and stop worrying about paying bills...
  • have more freetime to spend time with your family and friends...
  • have your dream vacations when and where you want...
  • stop commuting to work...
  • work on YOUR own business from anywhere...anytime
  • stop working for your lousy boss...
  • live YOUR life to the fullest...

Then Leave Right Now...

Go grab your newspaper and some coffee...or go back to watching your favourite TV show with a bag of chips...

And continue worrying about how you are going to pay your mortgage or your car loan this month...

OR...If you would like to...

  • crush ALL your money making goals you have set for yourself
  • start chasing YOUR dreams...not your boss's
  • start taking the RIGHT steps toward REAL RESULTS
  • start seeing more money in your account every day you wake up
  • get in on the secret all successful online marketers know
  • start living life to the FULLEST
  • enjoy more freedom and mobility than you ever experienced before
  • earn more respect from your friends and family

Then You are in the group of people that wants to change your life for the better...

And wants more...

And That is what First Launch Profits Can Deliver To You Today!

First Launch Profits is a proven secret master blueprint for jump-starting your online business and your financial freedom.

Common objections:

Why create my own product?
Isn't affiliate marketing much easier?

Not true. It takes time and lots of hard work to earn a good income from affiliate marketing. You will have to design your own websites, generate all the content on multiple platforms and find ways to attract traffic to your sites - all for someone else's product!

Don't I need some crazy technical skills to be able to do this?

Far from it! If you can watch videos and follow simple directions then you can do this amigo.

Don't I need to spend thousands of dollars to create my own product?

False. I will actually show you how you can create a product without spending a single dime!

Doesn't creating a product require a lot of time?

No. You can actually create an information product over a weekend.

People won't buy from me. I'm not an expert in anything.

This is probably the most common fear people have that are starting out. I will show you why you absolutely don't need to be an expert, you don't need to have any special skills or be good at anything for that matter to start bringing in the moolah!


Get my first information product that made me my first dollar online.

Discover my first information product in detail that I created that made me my first dollar online - and then about five thousand more in a week. Heck, you can even use it for your own business!


Building a Strong Social Media Presence E-book

Learn how to use social media to create a buzz around your product and how to drive massive free traffic to your product and offers for crazy profits.


Road To PLR Riches E-book

Learn how to leverage and multiply the success of your product and make even more money with it!

Check out the the name of the course. FIRST LAUNCH PROFITS. Even from a very first glance of the course I’m shocked to discover all the incredible value it brings! I believe that anyone will learn the basics needed to start and you avoid the mistakes you could make trying to do this alone.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

The 3 Top Ways to create a money-spitting product without spending a dime even though you have no special skills

The REAL SECRET behind how to choose the perfect target market for an insane avalanche of profits!

The CRUCIAL strategy to getting big time marketers to promote your product - even when nobody has ever heard your name before

Breakthrough method to getting hoards of people to sell your product for you

The fatal mistake virtually all newbies make when deciding what product to create and how to avoid it

You can grap your copy Today for STEAL:

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Look, I'm so confident that this course will be of tremendous value to you that if you are not 100% happy with it or your results, you can ask for a refund within 60 days!

There is a 60-day guarantee, provided by ClickBank. Within it, we want to remind our prospective customers that this is a sales page for First Launch Profits. We are dedicated to sticking by doing what’s right, practicing ethical business transactions, and clarifying that there are no promises, of any sort or nature, made within this page by either First Launch Profits or ClickBank. Please read and purchase using your own discretion.

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